VR, AR, or Game Console

When you think about the game systems of the future, do you prefer the idea of “plugging in”, augmented reality, or super game consoles?

Personally I’m a huge fan of the idea of augmented reality because then you are actually using your body and upgrading your real skills in real life. And even though plugging in would feel like real life, I think within your head you would know. And if it was a trapped in the game situation I probably wouldn’t want to be there anyways because you know sometimes you wanna break.

I mean let’s imagine having to deal with all of the advertising that you absolutely know would exist – but now, because you are “in the game” it can pop up anywhere!

And then you’d get hackers and griefers pulling stunts on your supposedly amazing life practically everyday

Throw in the glitches, the mistakes, the loss of contact with your friends and family . . .

And the fact that unless you have paid a zillion dollars you are going to see cost cutting measures all over the damn place, like the same NPC face slightly varied again and again everywhere . . .

And I just can’t help thinking that, really, I’d rather climb a mountain and fight zombies in an AR suit in a protective AR park than put my hand up for the matrix.

If you disagree, leave a comment. Otherwise just praise me for my brilliance. And thanks for stopping by!

All images are from the new TV Show “Upload”. It is an “in-the-game” comedy that definitely deserves your love. Give it a go!

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