Number 1 in Free Humor

I put my debut novel How to Be an Adventurer up as a free download on Amazon. It is a deal that lasts just 5 days so grab it while it is hot! And, well, I kind of ignored it but today since I’ve been busy hopping about doing this and that I decided to take a peak and . . .

Eat it George RR Martin!

Kaboom. You don’t all hate my writing. You just hate paying for it! Well, that’s fine by me because I don’t want your stinky money anyways!!! Here, go ahead and pilfer all you want. It goes back to being worth something in a little bit, though, so don’t dilly-dally.

Oh man is that cover sexy.

Grab it while its hot. I’ll be making it free every three months so if you miss it, just follow me here daily so you don’t miss it again 😉

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