Joe Biden Declares himself Grandfather of American LitRPG – Threatens Crowd with Magic Missile

Dover, DE, 2020 – In another stumbling block for the Democrats, Presidential Contender Joe Biden demanded that he was the actual founder of American LitRPG. “I made it,” he chanted, trying to get confused members of the audience to join him in chant. “I made it and if you don’t like it then you can choke on some magic missiles.

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The candidate then proceeded to make pew pew noises with his mouth while wildly gestulating at the crowd.

A rare look into a troubled mind

“I was disappointed,” said LitRPG fan Alex Pole, who had traveled a long ways to see him. “He is clearly a low level mage if he doesn’t have access to fireball. I mean, what is he going to do if Trump goes berserk, enabling him to take just half damage?”

“Trump can’t go berserk when he is clearly not a barbarian.” – some nerd that I don’t like

Ultimately the candidate was removed from stage by “lying dog-faced pony soldiers”, screaming “I will defeat Joe Biden, and the victory will be huge!! LitRPG Rulez!” It could not be confirmed if there was indeed another Joe Biden in the race at the time of this release.

Now which one of you is the real one? Ask him a question and see who gives the sanest answer!!

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