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Mine Tunes Be Influential and Worthy

I’ve seen a few friends recently sharing songs of our modern era rewritten and tooled to fit medieval times. And this, my friends, is quite the treasure trove of tunes. Well, if four tunes compose a trove. Still, I’d suggest that “all you bully rooks with them buskin boots best you go faster than mine arrow” and check out their tunes because, well, the more subscribers they have the more tunes they’ll make and the more songs I get to listen to!

First we have Creep. A five star medley that we all ‘gloomed’ to on days when we were sad, the song kicks it immediately with its glorious instrumental and then the words “When thou wert here before.” You settle in, awaiting the hilarity – and it is a bit funny – but mostly it is beatiful. Especially after it rises and becomes a duet. This is Creep the way it should have been made. And that is no joke, I love it.

We all get sad sometimes Quasimodo. We’re all creeps in our own way.

“I want thy ugly, I want thy disease.” Thus start ‘Bad Romance’ getting you ready for a medieval love story that is as funny as it is dangerous, and the whole thing plays out seriously, real music for real people, even as it stabs you in the funny bone over and over again.

In a world where plague is a thing, this woman wants it. She wants it bad!

Top comment from the webpage sums it up for me.
“This is making me so nostalgic. We used to listen to this all this time back in 1365.”
What soul amongst us, peasant, knight, or mage, can fail to remember the stirring words: “What is love? Lady thou woundest, thou woundest, mine heart.”

Love is marrying to unite kingdoms and you’ll do best to remember that young lady!

Let us finish up this homage to a new and bright rising star of the internet by copying and repeating yet another top comment from the page. “Thou dost takest my breath away, Lady Hildegard and Lord Friar!”

I’m not liking that dogs chances

Subscribe to Hildegard von Blingin’ at their Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ_jwWjf8u5mdtac71Be8QA

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