Vietnam Cookin (Guest Spot)

Hello, and welcome to Vietnam Cookin an extremely weirdly named youtube channel to say it mainly does Movie reviews, you say! Well yes it is and the simple answer to that is, it started out as a cooking channel. Only problem with that was I quickly realised it is hard as all hell, to film cooking content, then edit it all together, do a voiceover and cook at the sametime and make the food look appetizing all while competing with channels that have multi-thousand dollar budgets every episode.

Being a talentless hack fraud of the highest order I decided what better way to harness my hack fraudery than reviewing my far better paid fellow hack frauds in the movie industry! Which is how I came to make an entire trilogy of videos about JJ Abrams and how the Star Wars franchise was always doomed under his stewardship.

So we meet again, Herr Abrams

Living in Asia I get to watch a lot of Asian movies so will be reviewing any of these I watch too. I just reviewed Train to Busan and am writing the script for a review of the excellent Vietnamese movie Furrie as we speak.

Hello there!

I also enjoy reviewing what can only be described as B movie schlock, the kind of movies that are either just flat out terrible or movies that are so terrible they go full circle and return to being amazingly entertaining, which is why you’ll find such films as The Velocipastor in my archive. The next film under this category will be a Japanese movie called Aliens v Ninja and yes it’s as amazing as that title sounds.


Now that cinemas are open I’ll also be releasing new releases as I watch them. I usually go to the cinema once a week so I watch most of the big releases and a lot of smaller random gems. So keep an eye out for those coming soon.

Seeing as this started as a food channel, I’ll continue to do funny food based skits as and when I find food that I think has scope for an amusing review. I’ve already done the Korean fire noodles and plan on doing more as and when I find material worthy of my mockery.

Donut Cheese Frosting Burger Accepts Your Challenge!

And because I’m a needy attention whore anyone who drops me a recommendation in the comments can almost certainly get me to review it, especially if it’s nerdy or post-apocalyptic.

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