Wink Murder

I’m going to try something different today and review a game that I purchased online called “Wink Murder” by ModernParlourGames. It is a party game for 7 – 20 people, so it isn’t well advised for most of the generally friendless LitRPG community (but is advised for everyone else).

Don’t worry – my books still love you

But since it is for ages 12 and up it shouldn’t be too hard for you all to bribe a few middle-schoolers and get in a game or two.

Bribe a Neighbor, Bribe Officers of the Law, All You Really Need is Warm Bodies

The way the game works is simple, but the psychology of play can be tricky. It’s a parlor game in which all you need to play is two decks of standard playing cards and the ability to imagine being someone else. Most of the players play as investigators on the trail of one or more killers. They have tracked the killer or killers to this room, but none of them know the killer’s identity. And so it is a game of cat and mouse as the investigators, hampered by the laws of the land, carefully and meticulously avoid false accusations in pursuit of the murderer in their midst, all the while watching, in mounting dread, as people fall victim one by one to the psychopath’s blade/wink. The game is finished when either the investigators find the serial killers or when the serial killers kill a preset number of investigators.

Here’s Looking At You Kid

Are you looking for a good party game? Something fun for teens and adults? Check the game out at

P.S. Works great on a tablet! No need for printing the rules then. Have your two decks of cards ready and let the killing begin!

Don’t Make Me Wink at You!

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