Glitchworld – 2 Chapters Free!

Well here is what you have all been waiting for. Free stuff! You are welcome.

But Why Can’t It all Be Free? – You People, Always!

But to be honest I’m just here to entertain you guys so if you do pick it up and don’t like it, send me a message on facebook. The book is doing well, especially in India! I’m hoping to get it up and around to anyone who might like it so even if you don’t want FREE Chapters, why not share this with someone who does? 😉

To the People of India, from the bottom of my heart. You don’t know how much those reads mean to me!

Also feel free to subscribe to the blog too for occasional free offers and articles. Mostly 5 minute bite-size reads to help give you something to do on that ten minute break.

Oh and feel free to buy the book here after you see how awesome it is!

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