F*cking Censorship by Adam Boozer

Man, I hate censorship. I’m reading Super Gene right now and like a little after a quarter in I think they just start throwing in silly censorship words in places and it breaks me right out of verisimilitude. Holy sugar? Really? Sigh… So lame. Others just put * in the word and that’s fine. Japanese light novels do that a lot for instance.

Unless they mean this. Then it is okay.

Though, I think it’s probably common over there. Censorship that is. I’ve also noticed a lot of strange cultural differences while reading eastern fantasy like this. I’m glad we don’t have a lot of those things here in the states. Like bowing or saying full names every time. So annoying. The writer for Super Gene has been known to pontificate his sexism from time to time too. It’s rare, but when it happens it makes me pretty annoyed. Stuff like having a whole chapter where the characters have a detailed scene really milking it making that old argument about women are weaker nonsense and one where the mc says a women are only good for having babies. Really backwards shit. I mean, I use to wrestle in high school for our team in the 189lbs class, and there were girls who went to state and won or were just very good. They just tend to be in the lower weight classes, but not always, and do have to overcome upper body strength disadvantages, but it’s hardly difficult to do that with a bit of PT. Lol. What an ass. Makes you want to reach right through the screen and punch him in the dick.

It’s funny because it is true

Aside from that it’s one of the best translations I’ve seen, it’s funny, and certainly fun filler story to read. What with a ridiculous two thousand plus chapters and I’m just now skulking up on six hundred! I’ve been busy lately because I’ve moved and haven’t been on the group. There’s almost no signal here and we just got internet again the other day. 🙂

/end rant lol

UPDATE: “Since there are only the two of us here, whatever transpires between us can only be kept like so. If I am in a good mood, I will rape you and then kill you. If I am in a bad mood, I will kill you and then rape you. If my mood is ambivalent, then I’ll just kill you while I rape you,” Han Sen bluffed.


There’s very little that actually makes me want to drop something, but this one took the cake. Wow. There’s really just no excuse. That’s the mc by the way.

You can read the book here at


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