The Absolute Genius of Chuck Tingle

Who is Chuck Tingle? Well what he does might not interest you. He is a writer of erotica, mostly gay male. He is a self-publishing author, as is half of the world these days, and he writes niche stuff that caters to a very select audience. Stuff like parodies of existing works, dinosaur porn, unicorn porn, bigfoot porn, object porn, porn involving living objects and concepts. He’s an interesting man and even if you don’t want to read his books YOU NEED TO SEE HIS COVERS! I’m serious here. Because this man is a title wizard. 

I guess that’s one way to make it rich.

Most of his covers are of what I would call the “Pounded in the Butt” series and they run a satirical gambit drawing upon modern news headline for the best bang for their buck.

That was great, ET. Go home.

Let’s not forget the political titles. There is no reason at all that this man should not be the head writer for the Onion.

Don’t forget your mask!

He is prolific and nothing is out of his purview. He’s got something for Harry Potter fans . . .

Trojanus Protectus!

Football fans . . .

Go long!

And fans of British Politics as well!

Hear, hear!

Have you ever read any of his novels? If you have leave a comment and let me know what it was like. My curiosity over the text of these brilliant covers are pounding me hard . . . in the butt.

The long-awaited sequel to Avengers End Game has arrived!
And what is this glorius madness?!

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