Players kill DM’s favorite NPC, Vengeance Ensues

Fun happens when I say it happens!

Seoul, Korea, 2020 – David H, Brit C and Damon B were reportedly having the time of their lives last Friday night as, again and again, they watched the DM’s “NPC” proxy character, Lawful Good Paladin and part-time adventurer babysitter Malcolm Moray, roll failure after failure. By all accounts it was a great night, full of booze and laughter. But things turned ugly quickly.

Nothing spells doom to a DND night like a friend bringing a case of brews

“Yeah, so like Malcolm Moray sucks and Damon and I always tried to get him killed, so when I fired into melee and “accidentally” critted him for max damage to the back of his stupid Paladin bowl cut, it was quest over man. Laughs and high-fives all around,” David told this intrepid reporter, over the hissing and crackling sound of eldritch magic warping the time and space about us as an incorporeal form laughed horribly over top of us.

Strange weather we’re having

But DM Milo Laffer was not pleased.

“So I said, ‘Is that how it is going to be? Is that how it is?” Then I animated a table, having it kick their asses out of my apartment, and I pored over some forbidden tomes, and let me just tell you, I figured it out,” he chortled. “I figured it all out!”

A breath of mystic wind swept across the room, and the bare glimpse of otherworldly magic could be seen coming from his fingertips.

“I think it might be time for Live Roleplay,” he told this reporter, laughing, evil undertones echoing through the room as lightning coursed across the sky.

Huh, the DM’s appears to be a giant red flag.

Report by D. Hanson

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Hell hath no fury like an angry DM

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