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Once upon a time two authors with no sense of advertising technique or style decided that it was high time to get their asses into gear and learn some. The quest was grand – there were dragons, gnomes, a couple of robots – but after spending some hard moolah it has finally come to fruition!

Hi there and welcome to the first issue of the Glitchworld Satisfaction Post Organizational Tidbits newsletter. Thank you for signing up with us.

 So what is new? Nolan and I are hard at work on Dungeons and Dillholes, Glitchworld’s 3rd origin novel. Within we are detailing the rise of two heroes and another villain – but we aren’t telling who! You’re going to need to find that out on your own.

And if you are looking for audio, Glitchworld has you covered!

Just a week old, the Glitchworld audiobook is really the way the books were meant to be perused. Dirty acronyms being blared into your ear from your cellphone on a crowded bus while under the assault of angry glares by strangers.

Find some special freebies right here with our Fall Sci-Fi and Fantasy Freebies (Good for just a month so act sooner than later!)

The website blog is back up and running, and it is better than ever. Check it out for free reads and laughs here. And be on the look out – one of the articles in the blog has an option for free books. You just have to find it!

This month’s review is not LitRPG, but it is damn close. Check out Kill Switch by Sean E. Britten here.

And, last but not least, I’m coming out with a kids book! You can get a sneak peak here and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

As always check out our books here at and have a great day everybody!

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