The Implications of Microsoft’s Buyout by Joseph Phelps

This is pretty interesting news. Beyond the immediate cash grab ‘exclusives’ scandal now circulating, I see a gigantic opportunity here. Bethesda has been failing for quite a while now. They stumbled, and lost sight somewhere along the line. Fallout 4 was junk, poorly imagined, written, and executed, with giant steps back in terms of gameplay. Fallout 76 was and still is a nightmare. And aside from the predatory financial behavior of Bethesda and unfinished, lazily built games, FO76 glorifies nuclear weapons as fun toys and has the potential to drive culture in a legitimately dangerous direction. Heck, even the new DOOM sequel was lackluster and boring, I couldn’t be bothered to finish it. It felt more like a hyperactive puzzle game than a power fantasy shooter.

Glitch? What glitch?

Now with rumors swirling around about issues with the development of Elder Scrolls 6…it hurts to say it, but they’ve lost their magic. With a 7.5 billion dollar investment in these companies, we can assume Microsoft expects a major return on that amount, within the short window of 2 to five years. The silly stuff they’re doing with subscription services and exclusives will get them a nice fat short term return, and possibly a semi-dirty console wars victory over Sony, but my focus is on the franchises. Skyrim is still an absurdly well performing game that continues to excite its fan base almost a decade after release. Oblivion is an undisputed classic. Fallout 3 and New Vegas (yes I know it was Obsidian) are eternal fan favorites, historic in the gaming community. That ugly smattering of bad games in each franchise could mean a major overhaul, potential reboots/reimagining, and a new Elder Scrolls worthy of the name.

Maybe I can finally play as a Disney Princess? – Editor

I would love to fall in love with Fallout and the Elder Scrolls all over again. Fingers crossed, but this looks like good news to me.

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