G-SPOT Issue 2

Dungeons and Dillholes is on preorder! Check us out on Amazon and grab it for the presale price of just $2.99! We’ll be raising the price to $4.99 after preorder ends, but no worries if you miss it because it’ll be on Kindle-Unlimited as well! Preorder here. Also, Glitchworld: Derek, Meredith, Sigourney is free until October 2nd. Grab it like its hot and, for the love of god, don’t forget to rate it you glorious something somethings!


Hi there and welcome to the second issue of the Glitchworld Satisfaction Post Organizational Tidbits newsletter. Thank you for signing up with us.

So what’s new?

Joseph Phelps and Thomas Shuler have joined our merry guild of misfits. Be sure to check out Joseph in his write-up on the Microsoft purchase of Bethesda here.

And grab up a few pointers on running family RPG nights with Thomas here

Plus remember to check out the Glitchworld Audio Book in its glorious glamorization of dirty acronyms here.

Heck yeah I want to listen to dick jokes for 7 hours and 14 minutes!

Fall Sci-Fi and Fantasy Freebies is still running until October 14th, so make sure to get in there and grab some good stuff before that falls off. We also have some goodies at the LitRPG Freebie page. And some freebie LitRPG goodness can be found until the 15th with the Free LitRPG promo, so I’d check that one out as well.

Check it out for free reads and laughs here. Also . . . be on the look out – one of the articles in the blog has an option for free books. You just have to find it!

This month’s review is a book I read from all the way back in 2013! Check out Super Nobody by Brent Meske here.

Kid! Listen to me. Do not look behind you right now!

And, a quick reminder, I’m coming out with a kids book! You can get a sneak peak here and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Yippee Kai Yay Mothers and Fathers!

As always check out our books here at Amazon.com and have a great day everybody!

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