Super Nobody – A Short Review for a Forgotten Treasure

Super Nobody was written back in 2013 in an era when perma-freeing books was still a thing that Amazon let you do and everyone was still reeling from the election.

Pictured – Two full terms of “Not My President”

Super Nobody is great fun for all those bullied kids out there: Michael Washington don’t take no guff from the schoolyard terror. It’s only later that he learns that the bully has gotten superpowers. As it turns out, the entire town is full of super people, more than anywhere else on earth. It’s a carefully managed powder keg and Michael’s smack in the middle of Superville… with no power of his own.

Give me your lunch money!

If you were to take Percy Jackson and strip away his godhood, but make him into a superhero instead, you’d be somewhere in the realm Super Nobody occupies. If you’re a fan of truth, justice, and the American way of having the most superpowered people in its military arsenal, you’ll really enjoy the free full length novel beginning this 7 book Young Adult series.

That kid’s shadows have got problems!

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