A Review of Dragon Heart by Adam Boozer

I have this rule with books. Never read the prologue. The reason is because I’d rather the story actually get started and nothing good ever happens in a prologue. At most, just skim it. You do you, though. Dragon Heart by Kirill Klevanski certainly qualifies for that guideline though and his backstory is so ridiculous. Not in a good way, like it seems more likely he’s in some hell plane of oblivion the way the people act. It’s not very realistic. So I skipped that bit.

No, not this one

Now the reason I read this book is because I’m trying to scratch that Reborn: Apocalypse feel (such a good book!) and others have said that this one does that a little. But, I will say early on that I love all the extra artwork.

So Goooooooood!

It’s not very good, man. Two and half stars at best overall. My advice is not to waste your time on this series. Book two was okay out of the lot of them but the series had some pretty bad writing decisions in places. Book one had a truly awful start and was only relatively okay for the rest of the book. Book three is straight up trash. I can’t even say why that is without a spoiler warning here: warning don’t read further if you want to read it and you haven’t read it….

Also, sad trombone noises.










The plot was all over the place, it all felt somewhat random, and the last straw for me was killing the character Nero off after having gone through all that trouble to save him in the last book. The MC went to the extent of giving up an inheritance of an immortal cultivator just to save him only for him to die in the next book. Which was so trash in its own right. Why would that even be a rule? The reason they gave was that the flower was his mortal wife’s that he admitted not to caring too much for. It made no sense at all. Killing Nero made that sacrifice completely meaningless in any way. What shit writing. That just pissed me off for having wasted my time on three books.

Tell me in the comments if you got the joke or not 😉

In conclusion I won’t be wasting my time on the rest. I won’t even go into the fact that the supposed iron willed man is really just a broken person with a weak will. Chaotic evil, powerful, but utterly pointless. I think EA’s Bioware wants to hire him for a new mass effect trilogy. He can write the ending.

Read Dragon Heart by Kirill Klevanski here!

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