LitRPG Charity Drive by Dave Willmarth

Okay folks,

Thanksgiving is approaching once again here in the US, and I have much to be thankful for. Including those of you who have supported me by reading my scribblins!

Pictured: The Origin Story of a very gassy bear.

As usual around this time, I am making my final charitable donations for the year. And I like to get you guys involved.

Normally I donate to Wounded Warrior Project. I was an army brat, and our soldiers are all heroes to me. I grew up among them, and witnessed first hand the suffering of wounded vets.

However, this year has brought me a personal challenge in the form of (hopefully temporary) vision loss. In the course of my treatment research, I came across a great charity called See International. A group of doctors and surgeons who work to restore sight to those who can least afford it. Which right now resonates with me. I never gave much thought to my eyes or vision, until i began to lose it.

Seriously, these doctors are keeping from going blind all over the world.


Starting immediately, the next $1,000 dollars in royalties from my Battleborne or Shadow Sun books will be donated half and half to these two charities!

Some of you have seen me do this in previous years, so you know the drill. For those who haven’t… i’m SURE you’re asking “But how do WE get involved?” 🤓

The answer is simple. Share the book links i’ll paste below with your friends and family on FB. Maybe email one to a coworker who might be a gamer, or enjoy LitRPG. Talk about how much you enjoyed one of the books over turkysammiches.

The money will be donated no matter what. I’ll post the receipts in the comments when that happens. Your participation will just make it happen FASTER!!

Get it moving people!

My first year it took about two weeks. I was a noob with just the first two Greystone books out. Last year took about four days, but I had just launched a new book. This year I have no shiney new book to push, so I’m going with my two most popular ‘old’ books.

So there you are!

If you don’t feel the need or desire to participate, that’s absolutely fine. As I said, the donations will happen regardless. I just figure instead of my usual “Hey! Read my books!” post, I’d promote myself AND give you folks an extra lil chance to help do somethin nice.

Feel free to comment below if you manage to recruit a newbie to our community by sharing my books. Or, you know, if you force them upon an unsuspecting cousin and they hate it… feel free to NOT share 😇

Thanks again for your time and support, and happy holidays to you!

Shadow Sun link –

Wonderful Series – Editor

Battleborne –

Dave Willmarth has been a life-long fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction books. And a gamer since the 1970’s, the days of early video games like Pong and Tank, and of course Dungeons and Dragons.

Discovering the GameLit (LitRPG) genre opened up a whole new world that allowed for the combination of game elements and a fantasy setting in book form. Dave couldn’t resist. After a lifetime of starting and stopping several books, here he found a medium that inspired him.

Now he sits in his man cave late at night and taps out the adventures of the characters he always wanted to play, in a world virtually without limits.

More info, including some character portraits, can be found on his website at

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