Cyberpunk 2077 Review by Joseph Phelps

After literally years of hype, I’ve been looking forward to plugging into the latest RPG to hit the market, and here are my initial impressions. Cyberpunk 2077 is the newest offering out now from legendary studio CD Projekt Red. They quite famously blew up around the Witcher series, which is admittedly excellent. The company has proven they have the ability for growth, changing how they make games while keeping the gamer always at the forefront of their minds. They even got sassy, scolding AAA game developers by releasing free day one DLC for Witcher 3, with significantly better content than most companies were putting out for pay.

Make the sequel a matchup!

So far, Cyberpunk 2077 is showing itself to be an excellent role-playing game. I’m not very far in yet, but the story in this game clearly shines. It’s an expansive, well written world with a ton of potential, and while the up shots are plentiful, it has its downsides as well.

Character creation is…well, it’s alright. Nothing all that fancy, but it’s got plenty of options on the sliders, and making a satisfactory custom character shouldn’t be a problem for most. Honestly, the biggest thing that bothered me was the lack of genital options. Two choices and three sizes for a wiener? C’mon, that’s not very cyberpunk, I wanted to have a wicked neon and chrome cyber-dong. Ah well, it’s more than most games would offer, and it’s not like there’s exactly a lot of screen time for the customized peen anyway, so what do I care? This one falls in the “not really sure why they bothered” category. Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard character creator; it does the job well enough.

My custom dicks were all blurry boxes.

Combat is interesting, though I’m not quite sure it’s good. So far it’s fun, but the bullet sponge aspect is always a hard one for me to get past. I just want headshots to matter, and it’s so hard to do that in a game environment that sponges up in favor of HP values instead of hits and crits. I can’t say it’s the wrong call here or anything, so don’t get me twisted. I just – it doesn’t feel right when I shoot somebody in the head and they still have most of their HP. Other than that, it’s a blast. Loads of options with weaponry, stealth, melee, hacking, etc. The variety of logistical methods available to accomplish your goals in this game is great. Right up until the story shoehorns you into stealth when you’re used to running wild, or vice versa. So far, while that has happened, the game seems to handle it well by limiting those areas and giving you back your options asap. I’m also quite early in the game, so I do expect to be bounced around a bit with the initial training, and combat in general is getting more varied as I progress. Seems like it’ll shape up into something really enjoyable once all its elements are in place.

Also disappointing – you have to pay your uber driver in gunshots.

The item system is honestly a little disappointing. You can break down most items into generic ‘crafting materials’ that vary in quality and follow the typical RPG color chart. White for basic, green for uncommon, blue for rare, etc. etc., you get the picture. You appear to also be able to craft most items, and that seems like it could be good for the odd occasional power item or outfit, but at my level it’s just boring. You can craft basic versions of stuff you find literally everywhere, so it ends up feeling rather pointless. The only thing I’ve bothered crafting with any regularity is fresh ammo for my flame throwing auto-shotty. Other than that, I just sell everything for Eddies, which you need a ton of just to progress in the story. The weapons and armor are at least fun and have a dose of depth to their systems. The crafting perk line has its own set of XP though, so it could be something that gets better the more you invest in it and I just haven’t bothered yet.

You crafty, crafty game!

Some bugs are present, mostly the hilarious variety as opposed to bothersome. I hear rumors of those much-lauded wieners clipping through clothing, but I’m sad to report I haven’t gotten to giggle childishly at that one yet. I seem to get mostly boring glitches, where a character model just does something stupid like stand partially under the floor instead of on it. My car did burst into a shower of parts when I got out at one point, and the civilian NPCs nearby had a lot to say about it. Most enjoyable. My biggest glitch so far is the talking corpses one, where a body will continue to shout threats at me after I’ve killed an enemy. So far it’s all been pretty amusing.

Mind if I take this seat?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are a couple of not-so-great sounding controversies surrounding the game and CD Projekt Red that definitely warrant closer investigation, but I haven’t done my legwork yet, so I won’t badmouth the company over them. Yet.

Overall, the experience so far is more than good enough to keep me playing, and I genuinely enjoy most aspects of the game. It’s got its flaws and glitches, but overall, it’s a very well-crafted experience. This is an easy one to recommend if you know anybody looking for a good RPG that’s heavy on the story aspect.

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