B-list Movie Stars VS a Maniacal AI in a Multi-Genre Game Park

The next Glitchworld Tale has gone live!

I bet that doesn’t answer a lot of your questions. So let me give you a bit of a run down, shall I? Using just minor spoilers, of course.

The story begins with the younger stages of Grimdark, an advanced AI that has been developed and trained exclusively for creating and directing the best TV dramatic series that has ever been produced. We see early that the AI has a bit of its own unique personality and pizazz . . . a hint of things to come? Immediately after we are treated to an episode of the TV Show, a dramatic grim noir that certainly sounds cool. I mean, you know, I’d watch it. With an idea of the show in mind, we are introduced to the characters:

*We have Deva, played by Grace, a pampered South African actress who can get real gritty real fast when the lives of her and her friends are on the line.

*We have Slade, played by Robert, a laid back British gentleman who shows the stiffest of upper lips when faced with danger and adversity.

*We have Kirrk played by Kirk, a doofus whose complete ineptitude in creating his character results in a glitch that grants him a charisma far superior to what any character is ever supposed to have.

*And we have Beau played by Bo. He’s a good dog, oh yes he is. Also he is a brilliantly honed murder machine in game, augmented by an AI and nanoblocks to give him speech and the capacity for intelligent thought.

Overseeing this all is the human director but he doesn’t play a huge part in the story since Grimdark takes over all leadership roles in the series soon after. How does he do that? Well, I’ll let you figure that out. But what follows is a rather dark comedy with lots of laugh-out loud moments, in-between torturously evil scenes mixed with quite a bit of in-game action. Suffice it to say that the fact it is all happening within the fully immersive game system of the park plays a huge role in how the story ends.

Come check it out! https://storyoriginapp.com/universalbooklinks/80b8c0e2-6440-11eb-a6fa-f38931615931

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