Join the LitRPG Guildmaster’s Street Team! Win Amazing Prizes!

What is a street team? Well, when the term first came to be street teams were fans who helped out the favorite record companies in exchange for free stuff. They’d go out and put up posters all over town, request company songs on the radio, and even go to music stores and move company albums to the front of the sales rack.

What do you mean what am I doing? Of course Polka belongs in the front!

But that’s all old school stuff. What is a street team for authors, grandpa?

Listen here whippersnapper, street teams have moved onto the digital age along with the rest of us, and what they do is word-of-mouth. You get free stuff from us and then you get to read it and enjoy it (hopefully). In return we want you to tell people about us. Post up the books where applicable. Help us get some presence so that other readers that might like it get a chance to see it and check it out. Leave reviews on the books telling potential customers what it is and what you felt about it. Really anything that you can do to help people see the books and let them know how they were.

Hey you, less yappy yappy and more typie typie!

Does that sound like a lot of work? Well it can be if you want to go balls to the wall crazy with it. But we aren’t asking you to do that. We understand that you have lives and responsibilities. What we are asking for is that you occasionally help us out and help us promote our work. Simple give and take at the most comfortable level possible.

So, free books eh? Are these ebooks or physical copies? Can I have an autographed copy?

Printing and sending everyone a physical copy is cost prohibitive. Keep in mind that many of us are here after work and in-between family time giving it our all to make wages that frankly aren’t livable. As the old adage goes, if you want to get rich never ever marry a writer! However we do want to have contests and such for exactly these such items. So stay in the loop and have a chance to earn a quite wonderful and quite physical prize!

And you can also sign up to our ARCs and get a book in the mail a month before it publishes. For free. Just sign on, get a free read, and leave a review when the book officially launches. How is that for a heck of a deal?

You, not me. Or did I win? You won? It is so confusing when we both win!

So what do you say? Wanna hook up? Sign-up and let’s get cracking!

Sign up now!

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I am the founder of Damien Hanson Books. Come check out awesome authors right here at my website!

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