Glitches In Glitchworld! :-o

Well I can’t say we weren’t asking for it, with a name like Glitchworld. There have been some quality issues reported on the DoucheMage audiobook that are being fixed even as we speak. Like an Indie computer game publisher we are hopping about doing everything we can to make it better for you before Audible rolls out the updated version.

What are those problems? Well the most major one has been an overwrite error with Chapter 16. For that one we have put up an emergency chapter 16 replacement here. I am compiling a list of any instances of errors or aspects of the audio that you all don’t like also, so feel free to e-mail me at!

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for giving us a chance to entertain your earbuds!

Published by Damien Lee Hanson

I am the founder of Damien Hanson Books. Come check out awesome authors right here at my website!

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