The Elements…

A little background on where the core idea came from… 

As a child, I was an avid reader and even competed with the amount of books that I read against classmates. (Our teacher had a star chart for how many in a week we read 🙈… So this may have spiralled out of control…) 

One such week I came across a book that dealt with the Elements and another with a Welsh myth. For the life of me I cannot remember their names, all I remember is that I loved them. 

These books sparked an idea within my tiny, cluttered mind and a very rough draft of Elements was born.

Over the years and several moves, I held on to the tiny notebook with a few scribbles and terrible character drawings. Even my bad guys had drawings of themselves and a strange name. Adding to it over the years and eventually leaving it as I entered college and not finding it until recently. 

I delved into the world of Elements. Noting how some countries more than others used the similar ideas within their belief systems. 

Celtic myths have several with three, five and seven core elements being predominant. 

The Greeks and Chinese deal with five each. 

The book I read must have had seven, as I had that amount of characters drawn and named with each of their Elements. As this was my first project and most people associate with five core elements, I cut it down.

The result was a solid plot from the tiny child and characters I hope people would like… And so I began with FIRE. 

Fire symbolizes; 




Within the fiery pages of my book you will see the main character who goes through a few of these… And some he has yet to go through!

Find out for yourselves…

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