Fairy Knights got an Interview by A Sailor’s Wife

One of my favorite parts about watching my kids grow up is getting to share my job with them. My daughter and I have found so much joy working together to review and share books with kids. That’s why this book, Fairy Knights 2 – The King of Kanterberry by Dames Handsome, is so special to me. The author wrote this novel for young readers based on a story his son created! The two worked together to bring it to life, along with a close friend who created the illustrations. A true team effort! The sequel to the original novel, Fairy Knights – the Beginning, this second story picks up where the last left off.


The heroes, Ching Goo and Oma Bell, are facing a new threat from the Boglins. Even more disastrous, the princess has been cursed, and may never be able to laugh again. It’s a tough job for the Fairy Knights, but they’re up to the challenge. There will be magic, and shape shifting, and maybe even a water monster, but they can do it together!

The novel is a great introduction to chapter books! It’s an easy read, sprinkled with fantastic line drawings of the characters to spark the imagination of your kiddos. The characters are zany, and range from leprechauns to hamsters. There’s even a talking bed! The author creates an intricate world that kids will quickly relate to, and you’ll enjoy sharing together. Though it’s definitely a fantasy story, there are important values embedded in the pages.

One of my favorite parts of the book comes in the prologue, when Ching Goo explains an important lesson: “You aren’t good at stuff just because you want to be. You get good at stuff because you work hard and work together.” What a great reminder for kids and grownups alike. Check out my entire book review and author interview at the link below! .https://asailorswife.net/…/fairy-knights-the-king-of…/

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