Elements… Vampires?

I suppose I should talk about the other predominant feature in my series…

The Vampires.

Strangely, these vampires didn’t appear until later on when I realised that taking out two of the original elements put a spanner in my works. But I have grown to love them, and they have filled a strange supernatural hole I had created for myself…. 

Let’s just say that I had forgotten to put vampires in entirely and leave it at that.

Now I have nothing against the fanged foes. In actuality, I really do like reading stories about them. Darren Shan’s Vampire sagas were my favourite as a young teenager, and even years before that Goosebumps and Animorphs were frequently seen on my bookshelves.

So taking a tumble into the dark side… When these were my frequently read books, was easily done.

The vampires in my story are wide in their variety of personalities, but they do not sparkle… And neither can they come out in the daytime… Everyone has to have some flaws, right?

Throughout the series we see them scattered alongside our Main Characters, helping them in situations and giving advice when needed. Even getting into their own bothersome situations…

If you want to read more about these pesky vampires and their cohorts, find the series here…

Thanks for reading.


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