Harpies, are they evil or just misunderstood?

My little beauts have devilish wings and a gift that would scare the bejeezus out of a normal person. But you ‘re not normal if you continue to read on….

Harpies are mythical monsters originally spanning from Greece. They have the form of a bird and the head of a human and carry evildoers to be punished by the Erinyes. And when a person was said to have disappeared from the earth, they say that these creatures took them. Could this count as being evil, or would you simply say they were cleansing the world of its evil?

In many of these Grecian myths they are described differently, some say they were beautiful maidens and others monstrous beings with sharp points and claws. They were depicted as vicious, cruel and violent. In these descriptions of them it’s as if they are describing two different sides to a coin and depending on your viewpoint- if you were a bad person or not- then you would either see their beauty or their faults.

So would they be truly evil or just misunderstood?

In my world, they are a blend of both. A mishmash of bat for a greater monstrous effect and maiden for their unique power, for I couldn’t decide whether these creatures should truly be evil and opted for something a little strange and extraordinary. Although these maidens are not weaklings, they are more alone than you might think.

In modern day books and film harpies aren’t commonplace. Which I find sad. These creatures could be explored further, so that we could better understand them. There are whole new worlds where they could live their lives happily snatching the bad guys out of thin air…. Or even a good guy or two, for their own nefarious reasons….

With all that in mind and the fact that Harpies are said to be the personification of storms and wind, it made them perfect for the Element of Air. And in exploring a new monster that I could create.

So are they evil or just misunderstood? Only you can decide their fate…

Thanks for reading.


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