My Most Important Friend By Dean Hanson

Hi everybody I am Chingoo. My body is broken so I want to fix myself. There is a teddy animal hospital in America that my friend Dean wants to send me to. I will have to go for a month I think. I will really miss my friend Dean. But I need to be a healthy fatty like I should be. Right now I’m kinda flatty and squished because my friend Dean has had me all of his life and he jumped on me, squashed me, and threw me a bajillion times. Plus he uses me as a pillow. And my skin is horrible. I keep getting rips and holes. But that is our play. He loves me and I love him.

I have a giant squishy butt

The teddy hospital said that Dean needs to write a story and take pictures. He did that. Dad also said he has to write an article because there is no school and all he will do otherwise is watch cartoons and Youtube all day. So he is doing that too. Dean is a good kid and a good student. And his dad is a giant annoying fatty. Not a flatty like me.

I am very weak and old but don’t fight me because I am a ninja

This is Dean’s letter to the hospital:

My friend has been with me for ten years so he is pretty broken. I wish you could help me. His name is Chingoo and he is the most important friend I have. Losing him would hurt a lot for me so i really hope you can fix him. My life was with him. I don’t even remember a time that he wasn’t there. Losing him would be painful. And i don’t want to buy a new one. Because that wouldn’t be him. That is why it’s so important not to lose him. I’d rather not lose him because it would be very painful to lose something you love. And I hope you can fix my best animal friend. I hope you can fix my very valuable sheep.

In this picture I am eating the sofa

Dad’s note – Dean and Chingoo really are the best of friends and have been for all ten of his years on this planet. Yes I made him write this because he will not move from the sofa in the next 20 hours if I don’t give him something to do lol. He has written a book that I hope people check out – any money that he makes from it will go directly to him in what I hope is a great lesson on the fruits of hard work. He’s put a lot into it and it has been a big project. It isn’t quite finished yet since a friend of his is working to illustrate it — you can keep up with he and his friend’s progress at Kids GameLit, Fantasy and SciFi on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

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