Nightmare Spider Apocalypse

My ten year old son has released a book ( and despite his age it is actually quite good and it is very creative. Via a process of writing, feedback, then rewriting until it sounds great he has sculpted a story without any parallel in the writing world.

It begins with the childish innocence of playing in the living room when alien rockets show up. From that point onward it becomes a surreal action adventure survival comedy, a tale of a boy and his dog picking his way through the apocalypse and making friends on the way.

The story is very influenced by the games and stories of today’s youth – a lot of slightly reworded (for legal reasons) titles make their appearances and Dean, our protagonist (and the author) must overcome them using his own natural prowess but also through the power of teamwork.

I wasn’t sure what to think of it all at first as it developed. It veered far away from his original outline and the gratuitous collection of firearms made me wonder about where it all might lead. But the tale went strong and true, and the ending is not only a surprise but also quite touching. I am not lying when I say that I shed a few tears over it. He really wrapped the whole thing up extremely well despite the childish antic and humor often found within. It is an A plus story and I am proud to present it to the public at large. Thank you everyone and remember to review us and let us know how it went and what you liked!

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