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Opposite day… 

As a family who likes to play games together, either board, console or even from our own childhood classics, that varies, we thought we would be fine in going along with the kid’s idea of playing one of their favourites. Naive were we to the fact that they have an enormous imagination that sometimes puts my own to shame. We agreed.

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We thought we’d be playing one of these…

So my three little munchkins brought to life The Most Challenging game for us parents.

Opposite day. 

Now this is a game that they enjoy playing between themselves, and sometimes we would hear mention of it as, ‘in opposite world we wouldn’t eat food, food would eat us.’ Or ‘we wouldn’t have dogs for pets, they would have us, as their pets.’ 

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And yes they like this film lol…

Sounds scary, right? 

So after setting up a few ground rules, mainly nothing like those ridiculous suggestions, we had a go of it for a day. 

So when I didn’t want them to do something, it meant they had to do it. Sometimes I would add they had to do it forwards running, which meant that they had to do it backwards walking… 

And yes it got confusing very, very fast, for me and the munchkins. 

So confused!

I’m sad to say that after most of the day, doing “yes as no,” and “no as yes,” we gave up in fits of giggles. Despite the confusion that lingered for the rest of the day -mainly them trying to trick us with what they meant- we had fun. 

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So if normal board games bore you and feel like challenging yourself and kids, give opposite world a try. You never know, you might enjoy it. 

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