My Fixed Friend Chingoo by Dean Hanson

My very best friend Chingoo is fixed. He was fixed by a Teddy Animal Doctor at a company called BTotz Design. That is the name of my dad’s friend’s company, it is actually an apartment in Seoul. He was fixed because he was hurt and because he is very important to me. I like the new fixed one. It’s not new it’s just a fixed version.

Paging Dr. Бритни Тотцки!

Since Chingoo was fixed I was super happy about it. We took him in on a Saturday and then we went back to get him on a Sunday, so I had to wait a week to get him.

I will show you what he looks like. Chingoo now looks like he has mohawk hair. His ears are stone pillars and his head is a lot thicker and his tail is a solid rock. His skin is super strong now — before it used to be really weak and he would rip almost every day.

I love my Chingoo and I am so happy that he is fixed!

He had a long cut on his back.
This is what it looks like from up top
Also Chingoo now has an arm friend that looks like a evil demon
Chingoo is happy to be with his cursed friends

Dean Hanson just turned 10 years old (11 years old in Korean) and he has a book, Nightmare Spider Apocalypse. Come check it out at Amazon!

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I am ten and I love to play Roblox and write articles about the games there. I am also an author on Amazon.

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