My plans for my next book about Minecraft by Dean Hanson

Hi there. My name is Dean and I want to make a Minecraft book. It is all planned out, but also one thing about it is I want to make it a story set in hardcore mode. Hardcore mode in Minecraft is when you can’t respawn. Also, you can’t get a bonus chest and you can’t select a different difficulty.

Making this will be very difficult because I want to write my next book based on playing the game with my Dad, my Dad’s friend, and my friend who is his son. (Try saying that five times fast lol.) We will play on the computer online and we will play as much as it takes to make a good story. I think it is a great idea. The story might end up being sad, though, because if one of us dies we can’t respawn. We literally can’t. So we have to be careful doing it.

I think this is a great idea because we can play Minecraft, which is fun, and we can learn from Minecraft at the same time because it is educational. This game will be both my homework, my fun, and my research all piled together in one great big pile of TNT.

Minecraft is one of my favorite games and I love playing it. I hope the book reflects that. Even if you don’t end up reading my book, try out the game. It is so wonderful!

Dean Hanson is 10 years old and he wrote a book called Nightamare Spider Apocalypse. You can find it at

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I am ten and I love to play Roblox and write articles about the games there. I am also an author on Amazon.

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