Field of Battle – A Game About Fighting in Medieval Times

A long time ago, in ancient times, there was a war between the humans and the orcs. Their forces were powerful and so the battles between them were chaotic. Welcome to the game, Field of Battle.

Field of Battle is a game about dying, getting thicc loot, achieving huge level ups and also having team battles in Player Versus Player combat. Well, actually, it is about more than that but those are the funnest parts of it. Officially the goal of the game is defeating the enemy general. And to do that, you must fight an assortment of mobs that range from noob levels to absolutely impossibly epic levels. And of course you must also fight other players, who are usually quite tough because they are a lot more intelligent than the mobs and also they can have class specialties, a wide variety of spells, and they are much smarter than the npcs.

So what are the juicy in-game stats and details about this game? Well, let me make it crunchy for you:

Shop items:

If you want better items, go to the shop button. There will be a menu of item categories for you to choose from and hovering your cursor over them tells you what you need to purchase or craft them. If you have the required money or inventory then you can select the item you want and get it. The best items of the game are the super expensive ones, of course. Those are the ones that feel like crafting because, besides a bunch of money, they require special items like gems or dragon bone. And of course all of the items that you buy can later be sold if you need the money or if you want to remove them from your sell tab. They don’t sell for a lot, sadly. You only get like ⅓ of the money you spent back. But it is good that you don’t have to play through the map with a noob starter sword in the way when you are level 20! 


There are gems that are common, there are gems that are rare, and there are gems that are legendaries. You can sell them for gold, and you can use them for magical shop items. But you must be careful because you can only use rare or legendary gems for shop items, so don’t ever do like my dad did early in the game and sell some of them. They are very hard to get. And, honestly, I don’t like legendary items. Items that require legendary gems are overpowered. In this game you can get overpowered loot. And that is not very fun for everyone else who doesn’t have it. Like, for example, people can get a Venomancer axe. It is a super powerful axe that poisons everyone it touches. This is way too powerful. And it also does 16 damage with its normal hit to anyone or any mob in the strike zone. This is way more powerful than the average Axe of Skirmishing which does only 10 damage and can only hit 3 people at a time! And to get this super powerful axe, you need five legendaries, which is almost impossible to get. So when you fight someone with a Venomancer it is like you are fighting Godzilla. You might as well just run!

Luckily, or unluckily depending on if you already have legendary items, legendary gems are super hard to get. To get such gems, the only way is to beat a demon. Funny, right? Well it’s horrible. The demon is over level 100 and is the biggest monster in the game. He shoots fireballs and he will stomp you to death if you get too close. Also if he stomps you you can get launched to SPACE! He is super overpowered. So you need to play with a lot of pros or elites to beat the demon. The more players there are, the more likely a demon will spawn to destroy everything! But if the demon is defeated, it rains gems. And in the gem rain is a gem that will randomly be a gem selected as a legendary. If you get a legendary, you are lucky. It’s very hard to get it. So during battles you will often see pros asking players to trade single legendary gems for a lot of rares or different legendaries. Like my dad, he is super overpowered. lol

gems are now called jams


In here you can find tabs that can solve your problems. There’s nothing I can tell you about it because I don’t ever use it so good luck with that!

you are a noob


This is your team and there are scores. Basically how it works is if you are a Duke, then you are the leader of your army and you can spawn in bosses that can help you a ton. But be careful. There are scores called strength scores. Those make your npcs fight better. If you have a strength score that’s over 0, then you are doing good. But if you are below zero your army npcs fight worse than before. Also, your PC heroes will respawn more slowly than before. 

why are there very overpowered bosses 😦


You can level up by getting enough experience points. But you can also level up something called your enchants. The enchants are magic levels. To upgrade them you need gems of every sort. Lower levels don’t require very good gems, but higher levels require rare gems and even legendaries if you get high enough. And these level ups are permanent buffs to your attack power, defense power, even your health and mana regeneration. And they give you damage resistance as well! It is a powerful thing to level, and the more levels you have the faster you can get. All of this can help you a ton. Make sure to level up!



If you are willing to fight with someone in a 1v1 there are PVP arenas in some maps. And you can fight there. Also again not much i can say about it because I don’t do these fights. So PVP all you want,you will find me fighting on the battlefield.

this isn”t pvp but don’t blame me for it


No, they’re not checkpoints in the traditional sense. You don’t respawn at them when you die. No, these are fighting checkpoints. You battle neutral NPCs (our other army NPCs if they took it over) then stand at the flag to take them over. It is a great strategy to go to them at the start of the battle and just kill all of the neutral enemies and take their flag. Because if the checkpoint flies your team’s flag, then all of the NPCs it produces will be on your team.


Different stages:

There are different levels in the game. There are these game modes. Beginner is where you start. No player can have a level above 20 in beginner, and all of the npcs are lower levels. The next mode is pro, where you can go over level 20 and the npcs levels are twice what they are in beginner. And there is a hidden mode called elite. In Elite, when you are too good at this game and find pro to be boring you can go face enemies that are three times higher level than in beginner.


In the game chat you can vote for which map you would like to play next. You don’t have to do this, the game will select a map at random for you if you want, but it is an option. To do this you type “:mapvote ???” The question marks are names for the votes. Like for an example :mapvote savannah. You type this in the chat and if we do my :mapvote savannah then a savannah map will appear if no one voted for a different map. Another example, let’s say you did :mapvote kingdoms but another person chose :mapvote underground then you two are tied and if so the game will decide which map to choose from. But if there are two votes on a different map and all votes are at one vote then the map with the most votes will be selected. Easy. right?


The game is a lot of fun and if it seems complicated, just come find me and I will show you the ropes. My user name is Chingoo2011 and I look forward to being your teacher!

Check me out on Amazon. I wrote a book! And it has lots of weapons so you will enjoy it if you like weapons. Or if you like spiders. Or if you hate spiders. Or if you like grandmas with sports cars.

You can see me on youtube too. See my interview with Soundbooth Theater or check out my guest audio with Vietnam Cookin. Or listen to a robot speak my interview on audio at Sconnie’s Books audio channel! 🙂

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