This Game Will Break My Fingers – A Game Review of Funky Friday on Roblox

Well it happened. I finally found a game that you can rap in by using the keyboard. Fun fact: I actually already knew about this game but wanted to write about it. Because it is pretty cool and I’ve met a lot of friends while playing it.

The game name is Funky Friday and in it there are a bunch of stages with microphones and speakers that you can go to. If another person goes there as well then you two can get into a rap battle.

Rap battles work like one of those dance dance revolution arcade games, but with your fingers. You have to match the arrows as they come down and the better you can match them, the more points you can get.

And when you finish a rap battle, win or lose, you get points. The points act like money and you can use them to buy special animations, tags, and emotes that you can do on the boombox.

It might not sound like much but trust me it is a lot of fun. I actually jumped onto the game not long ago to get fresh feelings for this article and here is how it went.

I thought, hey, I can challenge somebody and take some pictures for this writeup. So I did that and bruh, I found a guy that’s not that good at the game. I challenged him and he sucked. Not because of how badly he did with the rap battle, but because the guy did the same thing over and over again and it didn’t even work. But that was okay. You see, in this game, even when someone is being annoying, you can chat with other friends in the chat window and you can just go ahead and win the super easy contest and get extra points. And it is a bit random who gets to pick the song that the rap battle is done on, but when you get your pick it is just fun to lose yourself in the music. Although I should stress that people should try because this guy was super boring.

bruh you can see my super good score. I kind of want to hide that.

Yeah, I was over powered for that guy. But maybe with more practice and play in the game he will become not just fun to battle, but also a good friend in the lobby and a worthy opponent on stage.

This guy has like x3 of my points. big bruh confirmed.

But my next match up was maybe the opposite and maybe I was the boring one. Because I went ahead and actually tried to challenge a major super pro. It was not a good idea. It was a fun and intense battle, for sure, but after I finished my fingers felt all broken. I went to stretch them and I kind of snapped my arm. It made a little cracking sound and it hurt. That’s what happens when you battle super pros. It was not great at all I felt like I was going to die. But no worries, I feel better now.

Also did I mention that my friend joined?

This is one of my many friends who play the game. He is not as good as me but he’s getting there. We like to battle each other and help each other out. We also sometimes just hang and chat. I like that he’s getting better and I like him. He’s a great friend that I’ve had for a while and I am happy to have this game as a place for us to meet.

Fun fact: I am not actually good. I just spam and hit keys well. But don’t worry, I am getting better!

Hey everyone, Dean here. I’m looking to try to make enough money to take Mark Rober’s Engineering class! If you would like to help me out, buy my book! I promise that it is fun and it took a long time to write it. I can even sign it for you. And if you can’t, that’s okay, feel free to just hangout here and check out more articles as they come. But I’m telling you now that if I get this class expect me to be on break from the site until after I have made my giant killer robot. Thanks for reading!

Click on the picture to see what I am talking about. It looks super cool.

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