The Silver Dragon.

I wrote a small short prequel story to my Elements series, which will be permanently free. I really enjoyed writing and working on this with a few people, who pushed me in the right direction with it. 

Here is the cover…

Here is the blurb… 

In a game of hide and seek, Zodick and Sakura find more than they bargained for in the forbidden ruins.

A dark egg-like stone draws them in and captures Zodick’s mind. It feeds him images of a past long forgotten. A past that should remain forever buried.

Within Sakura a hidden power is unlocked, but is it in time to help her friend? Or will this new power consume her?

Find out in The Silver Dragon, a short prequel to the Elements series. 

If you enjoyed that, then here’s the link to The Silver Dragon book. 

If you enjoyed this, then check out the rest of the series here. 


S. McC. 

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