Sconnie Authors Present: A New Anthology Guaranteed to Make You Smile, Laugh, and Cry

We’ve all decided that, as soon as the domain passes, will be no more . . . and will rise from its ashes. No worries, it will remain the site it is with just a more inclusive brand name. And in honor of that, and in honor of our reading club, we all got together and decided to write an anthology. It is filled with amazing short stories, one by each of us, and it represents a swathe of genres and artistic stylings. What sorts of stories are they, you ask? Well . . .

1. From Beyond

The world quivers. The dead walk again, underneath the banners of fearsome demons and liches, while cursed and frightful mutations gargle and spit, destroying living and dead alike. Humanity has been pushed to its brink. And within the madness rises Gerald, a thing of horror and misbegotten chaos. Follow him into the lands of the living as he pushes forward on a soul-sold adventure through a world torn by darkness and tragedy, on the greatest mission of them all.

2. Zamaya Sesinde

Damning deals can be made at the crossroads — at the right time, for the right price. And after a life of having her sister take everything from her, Lerato is ready to take it all back. No matter the cost.

3. Only the Most Important Things

Following a global climate collapse, where the world that remains is nothing but a barren tundra from heatwaves and blizzards back to back, mourning-mother Abigail York is on a mission. She carries only the bare necessities—and a single cardboard box. Her mission is to deliver the box to the safe zone in Boston.

No excuses. No mistakes.

But the road is filled with Thieves, and when she gets entangled in their web, it’ll be a matter of survival just to get her box to safety.

4. The Mystery Boxes of Chance and Power

If there’s one thing Kevin knows, it’s that he knows quite a bit. As a paranormal investigator, he has collected, found and subdued all manner of things. Like his horse, Kevin Two, or the evil entity, Kevin Three.

In his line of work, he finds more things than just other Kevins, and some of those things are powerful artifacts just a step shy of his fingertips. Until today.

Kevin knows how fairy tales go, and how lessons are learned. But he trusts that they aren’t for him.

Will Kevin be able to use the artifacts wisely? Or will he lose himself to them as have so many before?

5. Into the Black

When it comes to The Gulf Skimmer— a retro-style spaceship in the immersive plug-in game Into the Black— Serena is the only thing that keeps it running. Their captain is an angsty fourteen year old, the pilot is an “idiot hotshot” intent on setting the ship on fire, and the weapons department is a trigger-happy mech. They’re teetering on the edge of disaster already, waiting to be thrown into the Dunce Dimension as punishment. 

Their newest quest, though, is a unique one: deliver a cargo box to a different quadrant. There’s only one rule specified by the game. Do not open the box. 

Teenagers were never good at following the rules, though. Will they be able to deliver the box untouched, or will the mystery within be too much?

6. Boxing Day

Darian Danson is one hell of a gamer. Slick with a weapon, smooth with the ladies, and too fast and furious for most anyone in the server. But it’s one thing when you’re fighting gangs one mob at a time, another when everyone around wants you dead and a whole other console when real life gets involved. Follow Darian through Boxing Day as he slides by, cheating, murdering, skipping NPC dialogue, and tearing apart the server. With a guy this slick and cool the only question that needs to be answered is: Is he married? And, does his wife mind sharing?

7. The Trials

To enter The Box means one thing only to the Warith. Kill. Become stronger on the bloodlust as it consumes every inch of your life, until it makes you worthy in a set of trials. 

But Darra wouldn’t know. 

Before she gets a chance to prove herself in the Trials of The Box, a mole infiltrates the base. Whoever it was, sent Darra ricocheting into the box with dire consequences. With no blessing from the grand maestros, Darra’s very life is in danger. 

Her only hope is to remember what her trainer taught her, and to solve the mystery of the strangers in The Box.

8. Mysterious Boxes

A chance meeting in a forest outside a university in India leads to frolicking fun and the gift of a mysterious box. What comes next is an experimental short story which tests our sense of reality, explores personal transformation, and tells the story of a person who leaves his hometown, looks for enlightenment, and finds adventure, even love.

It’s a heck of a read and we are offering it at a heck of a price. This anthology will sell for 99 cents for the month of September. I dare you to find an anthology this large and this good for that price.

This is Damien signing off. Have a great month and if you like what we do sign up for our newsletters and see if you can’t find something fun to read 🙂

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