Two Worlds Hang In The Balance

The Story so far . . .

Commander Phellepus does battle with the Corruption Elves

(Call of Destiny) The prequel follows the the battlefield exploits of Commander Phellepus, a human in a continent filled with beings of every type. Humanity has spent the last many centuries overrunning the planet and taking it for their own. And the other beings have banded together to fight back. Large scale battles rage as an increasingly distraught humanity falls before the onslaught. The creation of dark beings and races further decimates the humans. But they fight on. And Phellepus has been destined to save them all . . .

Beautiful pictures mark the start of powerful acts and scenes

(Aethermarked) Now humanity faces an insidious new threat. Isolated up in the north, surrounded by ice, they have no idea total domination awaits them. But the threat is not unstoppable. A past hero’s call is finally answered and a new champion arises to do battle. But can this lady from another world stop that which has been destined for centuries? And what will happen to her own world if she fails?

Intrigue and Cunning Rule The Empire

(White Spider) – Coming Soon!

I can tell you this much: nobody gets through the Occulum gates without being noticed. I have a cousin who entered the confictors’ guild out of Corporum, completely changed his face and build. They drew up a full set of papers, this whole intricate backstory backed up by dozens of people. By this point my twenty-four year old male cousin is a harpy of a woman, a crafter of beads and leather when he leaves Occulum to go spy for us. Comes back two years later as a teenage boy, dressed in finery, bearing a gift for the confictor excelsior. Inside this box, painted black, is a leather necklace, with beads shaped like eyes woven all through it, and a card with this inscription: ‘We admire your work. Please send more.’ along with a white spider painted where the signature would be.

~Yllerian Pontificus of the Corporum Aetherium

Real power lies in not being seen as being powerful

(Empress) – Coming Soon!

Unassuming. Vacant. Even stupid. So many things does the Empress convince others of in her Guile. But who she truly is, inside the walls of her office and over top of the empire, is the avatar of us all. So high-level and powerful is she that she could murder a man on stage in front of all its citizens and convince them it was someone else who did it. The Empress is a monster. The Empress is our only hope.

~ Brentuvan Meskellus of the League of Traders

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