The Dragon on Holiday.

For a restful week, we went to a house on the beach. Its four walls provided a lovely setting for us to be a family. And what’s a family without bringing the dogs along too.

To the beach!

The sun shone down during the day and the fog rolled in the nights, making it very mysterious and awesome at the same time. But what we loved most was the very large beach where we could all run and swim on.

Well, nearly all of us swim…

The older doggo (Dino/dinosaur) knows the drill sun cream on his one pink spot and splash into the waves we go. He doesn’t come out. Not for biscuits or balls -his most favorite thing in the world. Instead, he leaps and swims as if they made him for the water. He’s not. Being a tiny pudding of a dog with four stumpy legs and a large-barreled chest, you’d think he’d sink rather than swim. But he loves it.

We found a jellyfish

The Dragon, however, does not. Even with treats and toys, he would not dare to get his feet wet. He opted instead to cry in the sand as the rest of the family enjoyed the water. Feeling sorry for the tiny puppy, we tried coaxing him in. Using the lead and plenty of treats and pets, we got his toes wet. Barely. Before he ran out of the water. 

His cries got louder and people’s heads turned. Their faces expressed their puzzlement. What we were doing with him? We weren’t killing him, that was for sure! But it sounded like it.

Over the week, we made many attempts to get the dragon into the water. I believe him to be a fiery beast at heart and with great regret; it looks like his toes will be the only thing he’ll ever tolerate getting wet.

That pooped they didn’t make it to their comfy cushions.

Maybe there’s hope when he is older.

Fingers crossed.


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