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Following the Ever Rain, a global superstorm that melted ice caps, rose sea levels, and forced the survivors to seek higher ground, society exists in makeshifts towns and villages, barely scraping by the best they can in the horrific, muddy circumstances. Civilization as we knew it fell with the rain, and with its fall, divides arose between factions of those who remained.

Out of the rain, a new enemy arose– The Citadel. Inside its walls, the rich and powerful enslave the less fortunate and live in splendor while those outside survive however they can. Jessie and Calvin are two “mudders” who find themselves suddenly alone when both of their families are captured by the Citadel. On their quest to retrieve them, Jessie will discover secrets about her family that could change the dynamic forever and maybe even their world as they know it.

Muck World (a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure): Ever Rain Series Book One by [C.G. Lewis]

Lewis has crafted a splendid example of dystopian literature. The story has a double-edged sword kind of conflict, one where man faces both nature and man, simultaneously at times. The struggles of living in this muddy world (for lack of a better word) are painted clearly and aid in strengthening the even-more-dangerous dissension between the opposing factions of people. Also in terms of world- and story-building, I particularly enjoyed that there was no sprawling exposition in the story. Instead, the settings and personalities unfold with the events of the story. That alone speaks to the talent of Lewis!

While you’re following the explosive plot that Lewis has written, you’ll also be able to enjoy a large cast of unique characters. Each one is fabulously designed to be an asset (or a hinderance, since some are obvious villains) to the mission of the main characters. From young children screaming in anger and demanding people to fight to old men running both the town and a moonshine still at the same time to mildly psychotic snipers, you’ll never be bored with the phenomenal characters.

Overall, Muck World is a thrilling read that will keep dystopian lovers enthralled until the very last page. Lewis is a very talented author, and I cannot wait to read more from him.


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