Escapism with a Dragon… 

This week’s events were fun… 

The Dragon decided that his bed was no longer where he wanted to spend his time. Instead, he wanted to be a naughty rascal and escape. 

Now, he has a comfy bed, plenty of water on tap (so to speak) , lots of toys, chews and usually some sort of food as he’s taking a liking to nibbling throughout the day. It’s in a nice comfy sizeable area (under the stairs) and his brother, Dino, is beside him. 

First, we had a stair gate blocking his exit. But he decided several weeks ago that having that as the lowest level was entirely too easy to climb over… 

So we raised it. 

But the Dragon was not to be fooled. He hatched his plan. Pushing his bed to the gate so that he could get that extra two inches of height so that he could climb over it. And climb he did, to freedom. 

So we raised it again. 

This time, the crafty bugger, after many failed attempts at climbing, went under. 

Not Dragon, he’s not this big yet!

We blocked that off. 

But Dragon was not perturbed. His determination to escape is outstanding and, using the new blockage underneath, he once more climbed over. Freedom was his, for now. 

We went back to the drawing board and had a think. A look what was in our garage to keep him in his bed and to stop him from breaking a leg. And found something we did. 

Needless to say, the Dragon now sleeps tucked away back in his bed. Although he had one last attempt at escaping, but he found himself quite in a pickle… 

Quite a pickle Dragon…

He hasn’t done it since. But I am expecting to turn the door handles upside down at some point… I had Danes before, and that was their favourite trick. So far the 4month old puppy is keeping me on my toes.

Have good day!


P.S. Here’s a link to my books.

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