My first day being an Police Officer

Hey guys. I found this game yesterday and it looked fun. This game is called City Life, I recommend you playing it. Anyways let me show you how to play the game.

Blue arrow

At first a blue arrow appears when a crime is reported. If you follow the arrow you arrive where the crime is reported. Except the crimes can be hard, and I do mean hard. I’ll show you what I mean.

I think that is too much

This is what it’s like when a crime is reported. At first it may be easy. But these guys are tough.

Green health bar. Interesting.

I am behind a dumpster so I don’t get shot by the criminals. It’s important to take cover from bullets.


I kind of went crazy and went to the middle and kind of got shot a lot of times.

You’re free thanks to the police.

Now in crime scenes there are hostages that you need to free. The criminals handcuff the hostages and so you need to save them.


I took cover again because those criminals were strong.

This is why I took cover

I took cover because of this mess. A lot of the criminals had light machine guns. Light machine guns are very strong.

I just crashed

You can crash into stuff. I don’t know why that was supposed to happen.

Better guns
Better armor
And higher ranks

These are the upgrades you can get. Guns, Armor, And Harder Ranks. There’s more I could say but I’d rather see you in the game. Suit up rookie. Saving the city starts now.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the crazy adventure. I have books on Amazon if you want to check them out. Also sorry for taking so long to write another article. I’m back at school and pretty busy. But I’m halfway done with my upcoming Roblox book and should have it ready by January. Have a great day everybody, and come play with me on Roblox some day. Bye!

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