The Day I Found Mining Very Unlucky

Hey guys it’s me again, today I would interest you in Minecraft. It may sound weird but Minecraft games are in Roblox right now. I’ll show you what I mean


This was my private server. I made it because in one of the public servers I lasted a long time before someone taking over my base. It was annoying so I gave up on the public server and made a private server.


In Minecraft we all need to get away from monsters but in here the monsters more like zombies cannot hurt us.

That is deep

Don’t mind the gigantic thing I am in. If you don’t know what this is then I’ll tell you. This is my mining site. I dug it because my in my house I made a dig site to start gathering ores with. But the site became too small and so I made a way bigger one.


This is my chest and I am stacked with good stuff. Also there is another person in my server It’s my friend. He played this game before I did. He was amazed when he saw my gigantic mining site.

Mining is tiring

I mined more and got like tons of iron and gold. It is tiring to do all of that.

Under the sea

I started making a base underwater. It was very annoying because of the zombies and the water.


God I have no idea how long that took. That was horrible like it was so annoying. Anyways I think that is enough of Minecraft in Roblox. Hope you enjoyed my very distorted thingy.

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I am ten and I love to play Roblox and write articles about the games there. I am also an author on Amazon.

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