LitRPG Reviews 10/10/2021 by SyncSelyrian

Street Cultivation (Street Cultivation Book 1 of 3) by Sarah Lin

Rick works as a target dummy at the local fighting gym to provide for his sick sister and himself. When he’s suddenly faced with both a strength boost and a severe power debt he can’t pay off he has no choice but to get stronger fast.

Very interesting power system where people can basically buy power, and strength has become the new currency. This results in a clear class divide and our protagonist must climb the ranks to save his sister.

The writing wasn’t super top tier but enjoyable nonetheless. Overall a very interesting story and I enjoyed the world building, especially the take on how poverty affects every aspect of human life.

Recommended but I’m also satisfied with just the first book and will be getting into the rest of the series when I run out of other things to read.

6.5/10 SyncSelerians enjoyed this book.

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