LitRPG Reviews 10/18/2021 by SyncSelyrian

Soulbrand (Weapons and Wielders Book 3 of 3) by Andrew Rowe

More so progression fantasy than LitRPG, don’t kill me.

Not writing an intro for this one as it’s book 3 in the series and would contain spoilers. I’ll just leave one sentence of the official summary for book one here:

“Keras has already got a sword of unfathomable power, but it’s damaged and leaking world-annihilating mana, so he’s in the market for a new one. Possibly six. The more the better, really.”

This was quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read. It made me feel pretty much every emotion under the sun, the fight scenes were fantastic, I love the characters more with each book and the overarching plot had me invested at every turn.

I will say that you need to do your homework for the full impact of this one and read at least 2, better yet 5, or even 8 of the author’s previous books first. That being said they’re all brilliant so that shouldn’t be a drawback.

Read this on kindle right when it came out and am now patiently waiting for the audiobook that’s set to release next month.10/10

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