Halloween. Is a fun time of year, when autumn hits with its miserable weather what better way to celebrate and dress up?

Pumpkin carving

A little bit about my halloween…  

I remember a time where Halloween wasn’t what is now. Bin bags in various paints were adorned by most kids, and if you were lucky some face paints were the height of costume design. In those days I somehow managed to get a hold of elongated claws on a furry hand. I don’t know how many years I used that along with a black bin bag. Our small town hosted the longest howl and a very small parade along with us trick or treating.

The bin bag days

Now where I live we have a type of festival. Or we used to… Although they are slowly weedling this back in this year.

There was a parade with plenty of colourful and horrific -in the best way possible- dressed people. Lots of buildings dressed as monsters. A spiderweb graveyard; the kids thought this was scary. Several haunted houses, a funfair and to top it off they have a fireworks display to mark the end of the festivities.

There are also several pubs, clubs and food places that are in full swing. decorated with spooky ghosts and pumpkins with cobwebs draped over the corners and giant spiders dangling from ceilings. All of it just makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another world. 

If you’re not dressed up when you walk up the streets you stand out. Many, many people over the week have dressed in everything from the tame to the insane. Ghouls, ghosts and devils mull around eating food from stalls, mingling with the angels and vampires. 

It is a feast for the eyes. Especially if you enjoy the supernaturals. All of them come out to play. 

Even dogs get involved. One woman dressed as cruella de vil and has her two dalmatians beside her. And others are dressed as various food items. 

So my main question to you is… what are you dressing up as this Halloween? 

Thanks for reading. 


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