Hero Author Fights Bully

Sometimes, in some places, bullies run out of time. They can only terrorize their classmates so long before there is a reckoning. A heroic one, an intervention that saves them all.

In the case of one bully, his intervention had a name. Dean Hanson, kid author and boy who wasn’t about to run away when threatened.

Dean Hanson is a friendly child who believes in justice and freedom, the ability for people to be who they want to be. But this year, at his elementary school, one child was making trouble with all of his friends. He threatened and bullied, making it clear that anybody who didn’t do what he said would be drinking their food through a straw. Dean is a good kid, he didn’t want to make trouble, so he reported the child. Over and over he told the teachers. And nothing was ever done.

One day, though, he had enough. When the bully came to him and threatened to beat him up, Dean wasn’t going to take it anymore. He grabbed the bully and shoved him against the wall.

“Why are you such a jerk? Why do you act like this? Why do you make my friends afraid to go to school?”

The other children watched in awe. Nobody had been able to challenge the bully. He had become their terrible god, the king of the playground, and here he was, against a wall, being asked the questions that had burned in all of their hearts. Why?

The bully couldn’t answer. He tore away from Dean and ran. But Dean wasn’t done with the bully. He wanted to know. All of them wanted to know. He chased after the bully and grabbed ahold of his arm.

“Answer me! Answer everybody! Why do you treat us all like garbage?”

The bully was shaking, his eyes wide in fear. The other kids caught up and separated them, afraid of what might happen if the bully wouldn’t answer. The bully had unleashed an inferno of rage and all of his victims were afraid for him, as karmic as his own beat down would be. Dean shook with anger but with incessant pleading from his friends he backed down and out. They were right. The bully was done. His days as king of the playground were over. Teachers rushed in, moving the kids their own separate ways.

The bully was kept after school, ostensibly as punishment. But I imagine that the reality was that it was to teach him a valuable lesson. Bullying others will only last for so long, and when it is ended by someone else, you will be the worse for all of the treatment you had handed out. Us humans are social creatures, and bad people are ostracized. I’m proud that my son, Dean Hanson, ended the boy’s bullydom over the class and I’m proud that he hasn’t used that to bully the boy himself. Dean Hanson is growing into a good man, and he has decided that despite the months of anger, the bullying is done and the child should have another chance to be friends with everybody.

Did Dean do the right thing? Give his book a chance and see the mind behind the hero. I’m certainly going to buy another copy because he deserves the love — plus he uses a lot of that money for his stock investments and the rest on robux that he generally gives away to other kids on the Roblox game when they feel sad, so I consider it all a good cause.

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