Fomorians. Ever heard of them? Probably not. Their quite an obscure supernatural race from Irish mythology.

They were considered enemies of Irelands first settlers, which was around 10,000 BC. Portrayed as hostile and monstorous beings that came from under the sea they were the dark to the Tuatha De Dannan.

Even though it was said that these light and dark creatures fought, they also married one another creating grim grey areas between good and bad.

What were the Fomorians?

They were considered gods who represented the harmful and destructive powers of nature. Chaos, darkness, death, blight and drought.

So what did they look like?

Well, nobody is entirely sure. Some say they looked to have the body of a man and the head of a goat. Others say they were people with one eye, one arm and one leg. While many more stories have them portrayed as dark shadow creatures of beauty.

What is known is that to the irish who were being pillaged at the time by Vikings who were raiding the land, is that the Fomorians were to be feared. They came like the Vikings from the sea to destroy what little they had.

So the Fomorians were bad.

Imagine, if they created such fear to those back in the earlier times, and held the powers that they were considered to have with darkness, chaos etc what exactly would you think they’d do to the world today?

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