LitRPG Reviews 11/8/2021 by SyncSelyrian

This is a review for Ascend Online (Ascend Online Book 1 of 4) by Luke Chmilenko

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A group of friends join a new VRMMO, where one of them gets spawned far away from everyone else so he starts to make a life for himself in a small town while waiting for the others to reach him. Here he befriends NPCs, learns new skills and takes on new quests. Of course the stakes get ever higher and they soon find themselves faced with a massive threat they must work together to eliminate.

This is just the book version of playing a really fun MMO in the best way possible. I was immersed in the quests and just overall had a great time. Nothing super deep going on here, just a great way to pass the time. Recommended.


Published by Damien Lee Hanson

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