LitRPG Review 11/11/2021 by SyncSelyrian

He Who Fights with Monsters (He Who Fights with Monsters Book 1 of 3) by Shirtaloon

Jason wakes up naked in a strange place. Originally from Melbourne he finds himself in a world filled with monsters, cannibals and magic – so he does what anyone would do: he passes out a lot. That won’t stop him from giving up though, and it certainly won’t dampen his mood. He meets many new friends, travels to new places and learns the magic of this world. While he’s enjoying his time here he still can’t help wondering: Can he ever go back home? Does he even want to?

The best thing about this is Jason’s personality and how he interacts with others. He’s the complete opposite of the initially awkward and weak protagonists we often see in progression fantasy (even though I love this trope) – Jason is very good with at people and loves talking to everybody. He’s friendly, witty, at times even insightful and generally just a joy to read about.

This book was very humorous, very clever, very aussie. Loved it. Will continue the series asap.


Published by Damien Lee Hanson

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