LitRPG Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

What is LITRPG? – Are you looking for books with real statistics and rules? The in-the-game feel, whether it be Ready Player One, The Land, or Free Guy? We’ve got a lot to offer for both kids and adults. Check it out!

Elaborate heists. Urban warfare. Crime without consequences. Welcome to the world’s premier game. Welcome to The Life of Crime.

★★★★★ “Fast paced, with interesting and authentic characters. A unique story that’s not like anything I’ve read before.”

99 cents

The might, myth and magic of ancient Greece via a deadly combat training game. Sparta Online: Nemesis is a LitRPG novel inspired by ancient Greek legends.

★★★★★ “300 meets Harry Potter meets LitRPG. The author manages to bring ancient Sparta to life masterfully!”

1 dollar

A Nanotechnology Park Gone Wrong, Rogue AIs, Prisoners on the Loose, and Way Too Many Dirty Acronyms.

★★★★★ “Dirty potty humor wrapped up in a thrilling and free story that leads to quite the interesting series. Think Rick and Morty, but LitRPG.”


Prestige Gaming is the ultimate experience. Better than VR, better than real life, better than your mom . . . it’s the real you in real life facing real beings created by the AR game system.

★★★★★ “This was a great read with lots of great humor, the book doesn’t take itself too seriously while still having compelling danger and risk to life and limb.”


Friendless, broken by grief, tired of the real world, Jin-ee represents the perfect candidate for the new on-site 24/7 fully immersive gaming sensation, Aethermarked. But not everything is as it seems . . .

★★★★★ “Epic. the worldbuilding, description, and characterization are all top notch. I wish they’d done more with time travel, but I get it, it’s not a time travel book. Looking forward to a second one…”

99 cents

Some monsters have human hearts . . .

Not yet reviewed


KidsLitRPG – The wonder of childhood. Still learning, still so imaginative and creative, well primed for the world of literature and all of the exciting lessons and stories contained within.

Once upon a time two fairy kids (and a hamster) wanted to become heroes . . .

★★★★★ “Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Rick the muscle-bound farting Hamster battle an evil Boglin, a hungry Snake, and a bone-crunching Giant. A fun-filled story for adults and kids alike. Love the dialogue repartee, schoolboy humor, and positive life lessons. Great illustrations, too. Perfect read for Elementary School age children.”


Olivia Green loves games! She plays them all: Board Games, Table Top RPGs, and of course her favorites: Video Games! But none of them were “real.” That is until she stumbled upon a mysterious game at a garage sale . . .

★★★★★ “Children get sucked into a video game and go on quests, just like the stuff they play on their computer and consoles. It is wonderfully done and my only regret is that I tapped the wrong button and got the ebook instead of the physical copy.”

99 cents

We’ll be adding more in as we hear of them. Have a Happy Black Friday and go get some fun titles while they’re cheap!

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