What? The World’s First LitRPG Poem?

Hey kids and welcome to the rants and ramblings of me, Damien! My buddies Dames and Warwick (a mad man who refuses to wound out the second w of his own name!) have a litrpg series for kids ages 7-12 that def deserves some love. But, honestly, I might be kinda biased in that regard.

Books aside, they have also written a poem. You can listen to it (and see the many illustrations) on YouTube at the 1:48 mark. But better yet, they are making it into a beautiful hardcover to read and share with your loved ones over the holidays. And yes, it is LitRPG! Or at least GameLit. There is a single line of crunch in it so it might be considered creamy, but it is still there. Which means hand down the trophy because these crazy kids have taken the title!

Take it Guys. You deserve it!

Congratulations you two! And for those who hate YouTube, check out the slideshow!

Hope you, and the kids, or a combination thereof enjoyed it. Find more Dames Handsome, Warwick, and their friends over at DAMES HANDSOME . COM

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