Frau Percheta

A legendary Christmas monster…

Frau Percheta was once known as a goddess in alpine paganism based in the Alps region. There are several variations of her name, and even several variations on what it means from bright to hidden. Even though her name is disputed her whereabouts on the upper reaches where the other goddesses and gods dared not venture are solid.

She is no modern legend as she dates back to celtic times or around the middle ages.
Percheta, however, can appear as two forms. One a beautiful white maiden and the other a dark and hunched crone. Even though she has two forms one thing remains, a swan foot. One foot that was larger than the other.

Her tale is that of the twelve days of Christmas, (December 25th to January 6th) where she would hand out rewards and punishments. Her punishments were gruesome. She would rip out your internal organs and replace them with garbage.
Her rewards were a little better. If she found that children and servants had behaved well and worked hard then she would leave them a silver coin the next day.

The ugly/crone image of Percheta may come up in processions in Austria, much like those of Krampus.

Although known around christmas she was also known to be the goddess of spinning/weaving. And in modern day she is known as the rewarder of the good and punisher of the bad in particular lying children.

If you enjoyed reading this gruesome christmas myth and wish to read more of my work look no further than here.

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