The State of the LitRPG Community

Let me tell you something about myself. I am an enabler. I work hard to make people’s dreams come true. Often not my own. I listen to people tell me their wants, their worries, their goals — and I do what I can on my end to make those happen. Because I feel pleasure in seeing people happy. I love it when people attain their dreams. Heck, I cry when magicians on Penn and Teller win the trophy and cry, the same with AGT, because I love seeing dreams come true.

And let me tell you something about all of those people you read in LitRPG. Almost every single one of them is also an enabler. They reach out and talk with other authors who enter the genre, new or old, and they help them as they are able, with a glint in their eye. There are so many good people in the community that it is beyond amazing. It is cryworthy.

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I won’t say names because I don’t know if they wish to be announced, but let me just say the authors in this genre remind me of the people I have gamed with, have run Dnd games for and under. And that despite my own lack of success, I am truly blessed to be here. Because I have found family.

Happy New Year everyone, and may this year be the one that you attain all of your dreams. You deserve it.

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